VR Art Project
Cultural Revolution
Cultural life of the prerevolutionary Russia in VR
The project concerns Russian prerevolutionary art, the era of "modern" and "avant-garde". With the help of VR technology it describes the main cultural events and achievements during "the times of change".
#1 "Between Petrov & Vodkin"
The first part of the immersive trilogy "Cultural revolution" focuses on the year of 1912. Through the history of one painting, the VR experience tells about the highlights of that year, which have taken place on the cultural scene of the Russian Empire. Thanks to new technologies in cinema production, a viewer gets an opportunity to find himself in retro footage of the pre-revolutionary Russia and then to immerse into the most prominent picture of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "Bathing of a red horse".
#2 "Back to black"
The events of the second part of "Cultural revolution" take place in 1915, in "the year of Malevich". 1915 - is the second year of the First World War as well. The war has had a dramatical influence on almost every aspect of human life and become so called "beginning of the end" of the Russian Empire.
#3 "The last cup"
1918 - the time of starvation and breakup. The revolution has happened, but it seems that even the revolutionary-minded intelligence regrets it. Boris Kustodiev makes his "The Merchant`s wife at tea" as the hymn of the foretime.
Denis Semionov
Author & Art Director
A grandgrandson of the Russian sculptor Leonid L.Kuzmin
Finished classes at The Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts
Finished postgraduate studies of the faculty of arts of The Moscow State Pedagogical University
From 2014 has been working as VR-artsit, combining fine art, cinematography and VR.
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